Assistant Professor

Pôle: Supply Chain Management and Information Systems


Expertise liée aux objectifs de développement durable des Nations unies :

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Presentations of Refereed Papers


  • Mecili, O., Barkat, Hadj, Nouioua, F., Akrouf, S., Malek, R. The use of Big Data and Data Analytics in the prevention, the diagnosis and the monitoring of long-term diseases. In: Conference: IMCL 2019 International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning, Thessaloniki,  Greece, November 2019



  • Barkat, H. Coming from an Emergent Country, Condor Electronics Started Their Digital Transformation Journey by Implementing SAP S/4 HANA ERP to Manage Their Business Processes. The Case Center 31 August 2021, 921-0016-1
  • Barkat, H. How Condor Electronics Take Advantage by Implementing the Qingdao Honghzi Manufacturing Execution System to Ensure Successful Implementation of Manufacturing Operations and Improve Production Efficiency in Their Business Units. The Case Center, 623-0011-1, 19 May 2023