Assistant Professor

Pôle : Supply Chain Management and Information Systems

Nationalités :


  • Information Technology Management


  • Ph.D. ETH Zurich, Management Information Systems (2014)
  • M.Sc École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Communication Systems (2009)
  • B.Sc Beijing Jiaotong University, Communication Engineering (2007)

Work Experience


  • September, 2014 - Present
    • Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management & Information Systems Academic Area, Rennes School of Business
  • March, 2010 - June, 2014

    Research Assistant ETH Zurich

Intellectual contributions

Refereed Articles Discipline-Based Scholarship

Selective Attention to Commercial Information Displays in Globally Available Mobile Application

Auteurs :Liu, Yi, Chuan Hoo Tan, and Juliana Sutanto Publié dans :Journal of Global Information Management Date :2016

Online Group-Buying: Literature Review and Directions for Future Research.

Auteurs :Liu, Yi and Juliana Sutanto Publié dans :DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems 46 Date :2015

Buyers' Purchasing Time and Herd Behavior on Deal-of-the-day Group-buying Websites.

Auteurs :Liu, Yi and Juliana Sutanto Publié dans :Electronic Markets - The International Journal Date :2012

Refereed Proceedings Discipline-Based Scholarship

Cross-Cultural Research in IS: An Updated Review since 2005

Auteurs :Liu, Yi, Bouchaib Bahli, and Hans Borgman Publié dans :Lecture Notes in Computer Science (HCI International) 9191 Date :2015

Critical Examination of Online Group-Buying Mechanisms

Auteurs :Liu, Yi , Chuan Hoo Tan, Juliana Sutanto, Choon Ling Sia, & Kwok Kee Wei Publié dans :16th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction Date :2014

Audience Response on Conflicting Information Dissemination by Government Organization and Individuals in Social Media

Auteurs :Liu, Yi and Juliana Sutanto Publié dans :IFIP WG 8.2 OASIS Workshop Date :2013

Share on SNS and Get Referral Reward?

Auteurs :Liu, Yi , Chee Wei Phang, Chuan Hoo Tan, and Juliana Sutanto Publié dans :Eleventh Workshop on E-Business Date :2012

From Resistance to Acceptance of IS Implementation: The Dynamics of Overcoming User's Status Quo Bias.

Auteurs :Sutanto, Juliana and Yi Liu Publié dans :DIGIT Date :2012

Social Sharing Behavior Under E-Commerce Context

Auteurs :Liu, Yi and Juliana Sutanto Publié dans :Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems Date :2011