Associate Professor

Pôle : Management and Organization

Nationalités :


  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education. Monash University
  • PHD, Monash University, Department of Management (2003)
  • Master of Industrial and Employee Relation, Monash University, Department of Management (2000)

Research Interests

  • International Business
  • Strategic HRM, Workplace and Industrial/Employee Relations.
  • Strategic Management
  • NGOs and Globalisation
  • European Workplace and Industrial/Employee Relations.
  • Theories of Regulation and Labour Law.
  • Globalisation, Political Economy and international Trade
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights

Work Experience


  • Associate Professor, Human Resource Management Academic area, Rennes School of Business (2009 – Present).


  • Senior Lecturer, Monash Graduate School of Business ( 2004 – 2009)
  • Lecturer, Griffith University (2003 – 2004)
  • Sessional lecturer, Monash University (2003 – 2003)
  • Sessional tutor, Monash University (2003 – 2003)
  • Sessional tutor, Monash University (2003 – 2003)
  • Casual research assistant, Monash University (2003 – 2003)

Intellectual contributions

Refereed Articles Discipline-Based Scholarship

Non wage Benefits, Corporate Ownership and Firm Performance in Post Communist Economies: Evidence from Ukraine.

Auteurs :Michelotti, Marco, Andrea vocino, Peter Gahan, and Julia Roloff Publié dans :The International Journal of Human Resource Management Date :2015

The new face of corporate patriotism: Does being "local" matter to stakeholders?

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Corporate patriotism as a source of corporate reputation: a comparative multi-stakeholder approach

Auteurs :Michelotti, Marco, petya Puncheva, Rod McColl, and Andrea Vocino Publié dans :Journal of Strategic Marketing 22 Date :2014

The Relationship between Individuals. Recognition of Human Rights and Responses to Socially Responsible Companies: Evidence from Russia and Bulgaria

Auteurs :Puncheva-Michelotti, Petya, Marco Michelotti, and Peter Gahan Publié dans :Journal of Business Ethics 93. (2012): 583-605 Date :2012

The Diffusion of HR Practices in Chinese Workplaces and Organizational Outcomes. industrial and labor relations review.

Auteurs :Gahan, p., Michelotti, M., & Standing, G Publié dans :industrial and labor relations review. Date :2012

Human Rights Perceptions and Their Relationship with Corporate social Responsibilities in Transition Countries: Evidence from Russia and Bulgaria

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The Role of Stakeholders Decision Making in Establishing the Value of Corporate Reputation

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Refereed Proceedings Discipline-Based Scholarship

Beyond Consumption: Stakeholders Responses to Corporate Patriotic Appeals.

Auteurs :Puncheva, P. & Michelotti, M Publié dans :European Business Ethics Network, Trento Date :2010

High performance Workplace and Establishment Performance: Evidence from China. EURAM

Auteurs :Michelotti, M., gahan Publié dans :EURAM Date :2010

The role of context in the structure of corporate reputation: A social psychology perspective.

Auteurs :Michelotti, M. & Puncheva, P Publié dans :3rd Annual Colloquim of the Academy of Marketing's Brand, Corporate Identity & Reputation Special Interest Group, London UK. Date :2007

Presentations of Refereed Papers International

Corporate Ownership, Non-Wage Benefits And Firm Performance In Post-Communist Economies: Evidence From Ukraine

Auteurs :Michelotti, Marco, Andrea Vocino, Peter Gahan and Julia Roloff Publié dans :EURAM, Valencia, Spain Date :2013