Associate Professor

Pôle : Management and Organization

Nationalités :


Graduate Certificate of Higher Education. Monash University

PHD, Monash University, Department of Management (2003)

Master of Industrial and Employee Relation, Monash University, Department of Management (2000)

Research Interests

International Business

Strategic HRM, Workplace and Industrial/Employee Relations.

Strategic Management

NGOs and Globalisation

European Workplace and Industrial/Employee Relations.

Theories of Regulation and Labour Law.

Globalisation, Political Economy and international Trade

Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights

Work Experience


  • Associate Professor, Human Resource Management Academic area, Rennes School of Business (2009 – Present).


  • 2004 - 2009

    Senior Lecturer, Monash Graduate School of Business

  • 2003 - 2004

    Lecturer, Griffith University

  • 2003 - 2003

    Sessional lecturer, Monash University

  • 2003 - 2003

    Sessional tutor, Monash University

  • 2003 - 2003

    Sessional tutor, Monash University

  • 2003 - 2003

    Casual research assistant, Monash University

Intellectual contributions

Refereed Articles Discipline-Based Scholarship

Non wage Benefits, Corporate Ownership and Firm Performance in Post Communist Economies: Evidence from Ukraine.

Auteurs :Michelotti, Marco, Andrea vocino, Peter Gahan, and Julia Roloff Publié dans :The International Journal of Human Resource Management Date :2015

The new face of corporate patriotism: Does being "local" matter to stakeholders?

Auteurs :Puncheva, Petya and Marco Michelotti Publié dans :Journal of Business Strategy 35 Date :2014

Corporate patriotism as a source of corporate reputation: a comparative multi-stakeholder approach

Auteurs :Michelotti, Marco, petya Puncheva, Rod McColl, and Andrea Vocino Publié dans :Journal of Strategic Marketing 22 Date :2014

The Relationship between Individuals. Recognition of Human Rights and Responses to Socially Responsible Companies: Evidence from Russia and Bulgaria

Auteurs :Puncheva-Michelotti, Petya, Marco Michelotti, and Peter Gahan Publié dans :Journal of Business Ethics 93. (2012): 583-605 Date :2012

The Diffusion of HR Practices in Chinese Workplaces and Organizational Outcomes. industrial and labor relations review.

Auteurs :Gahan, p., Michelotti, M., & Standing, G Publié dans :industrial and labor relations review. Date :2012

Human Rights Perceptions and Their Relationship with Corporate social Responsibilities in Transition Countries: Evidence from Russia and Bulgaria

Auteurs :Puncheva, P., Michelotti, M., & Gahan, P Publié dans :Journal of Business Ethics, 93 (4), 583-605. Date :2010

The Role of Stakeholders Decision Making in Establishing the Value of Corporate Reputation

Auteurs :Michelotti, M. & Puncheva, P Publié dans :Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 28 (3), 249-274. Date :2010

Employer Preferences, Collective Agreements and the Australian Resources Sector; a Paradox of Limited Commodification?

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Do Market Economies Allow Diversity in Labour Standards Regulation?

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NGOs and International Business Research: Progress, Prospects and Problems.

Auteurs :Ramia, G. & Michelotti, M Publié dans :International Journal of Management Reviews, 10 (1), 75-92. Date :2008

Refereed Proceedings Discipline-Based Scholarship

Beyond Consumption: Stakeholders Responses to Corporate Patriotic Appeals.

Auteurs :Puncheva, P. & Michelotti, M Publié dans :European Business Ethics Network, Trento Date :2010

High performance Workplace and Establishment Performance: Evidence from China. EURAM

Auteurs :Michelotti, M., gahan Publié dans :EURAM Date :2010

The role of context in the structure of corporate reputation: A social psychology perspective.

Auteurs :Michelotti, M. & Puncheva, P Publié dans :3rd Annual Colloquim of the Academy of Marketing's Brand, Corporate Identity & Reputation Special Interest Group, London UK. Date :2007

Presentations of Refereed Papers International

Corporate Ownership, Non-Wage Benefits And Firm Performance In Post-Communist Economies: Evidence From Ukraine

Auteurs :Michelotti, Marco, Andrea Vocino, Peter Gahan and Julia Roloff Publié dans :EURAM, Valencia, Spain Date :2013