Dr RAHMAN Mahabubur

Assistant Professor

Pôle : Marketing

Nationalités :


  • Strategic Marketing
  • Global Marketing Strategy
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Strategic Brand Management


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing, Smurfit Graduate Business School, University College Dublin, Republic of Ireland,
  • Master of Science in Marketing, Umea School of Business, Umea University, Sweden,
  • Masters of Bank Management, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, Bangladesh
  • Bachelor of Social Science, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


  • Journal of Advertising Research, Best paper award, 2017

Research Interests

  • Marketing strategy and firm performance
  • Efficiency and productivity in the context of Marketing
  • Branding strategy and company performance
  • Marketing in the context of Mergers & Acquisitions

Work Experience


  • Assistant Professor, Marketing Academic Area, Rennes School of Business (September 2015 – Present)
  • University College Dublin, Part-time Instructor, University College Dublin, Ireland, (September 2012 – May 2015)
  • RMIT International University, Lecturer, (Offshore campus of RMIT, Australia), Vietnam, (June 2011 – August 2012)

Intellectual contributions

Refereed Articles – Discipline-Based Scholarship

  • Rahman, M., Serrano, M. R., and Lambkin, M. (2019) Advertising efficiency and profitability: Evidence from the pharmaceutical industry, Industrial Marketing Management, In-press
  • Rahman, M., Serrano, M. R., and Lambkin, M. (2019) Brand equity and firm performance: The complementary role of Corporate Social Responsibility, Journal of Brand Management, In-press
  • Rahman, M., Serrano, M. R., and Lambkin, M. (2018) Brand management efficiency and firm value: An integrated resource-based view and signalling theory perspective, Industrial Marketing Management, 72, 112-126
  • Rahman, M., Serrano, M. R., and Lambkin, M. (2017) Corporate Social Responsibility And Marketing Performance: The Moderating Role of Advertising Intensity, Journal of Advertising Research, 57 (4) (JAR-2017 best paper winner)
  • Rahman, M., Lambkin, M., Hussain, D. (2016) Value creation and appropriation following M&A: A data envelopment analysis, Journal of Business Research, 69 (12)
  • Rahman, M., Lambkin, M. (2015) Creating or Destroying Value through Mergers and Acquisitions: A Marketing Perspective, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol 46
  • Rahman, M. (2014) Differentiated brand experience in brand parity through branded branding strategy, Journal of Strategic Marketing, Vol. 22, Issue 7

Refereed Proceedings – Discipline-Based Scholarship

  • Rahman, M., Serrano, M. R. (2018) Does brand value affect firm value? A panel data analysis. Marketing Management Association (MMA), Chicago, USA
  • Rahman, M., (2018), Do Emerging Market Firms Benefit from Acquisitions? A Marketing Perspective, 4th Academy of Business and Emerging Markets conference, Manila, Philippines
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  • Rahman, M., Lambkin, M. (2013) Horizontal Mergers and Acquisitions: how winners and losers differ: A Marketing perspective, Euromed Academy of Business, Estoril, Portugal, 2013