Assistant Professor

Pôle : Strategy and Innovation

Nationalités :


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation management



  • Ph.D. Candidate, Learning Sciences, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Ph.D. Business, University of Sāo Paulo, Brazil (2015)
  • MSc Business, University of Sāo Paulo, Brazil (2010)


Research Interests

  • Innovation Management
  • Entrepreneurship education
  • Game-based learning


Work Experience


  • Assistant Professor, Strategy and Innovation, Rennes School of Business (September 2020 – Present)
  • Instructor, Bow Valley College, Canada (2019-2020)
  • Senior Lecturer, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Brazil (2011-2015)


Intellectual contributions

Refereed Articles – Basic or Discovery Scholarship

  • Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B., Liu, L., & Lai, X. (in press). Green Economy game: A modular design approach for sustainable development education. International Journal of Designs for Learning.
  • Gatti Junior, W., Marasco, E., Kim, & B. Behjat, L. (2020). Supporting design thinking through a game-based pedagogy in entrepreneurship education. Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, 4, 39-49.
  • Marasco, E., Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B., Behjat, L., & Eggermont, M. (2017). Curious conversations: Using game-based learning to develop creative culture within technical courses. Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching, 2, 57-63.

Presentations of Refereed Papers


  • Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B., L., Nascimento, F. (2019, November). Design cognition in entrepreneurship education: Preliminary findings in a game-based activity. Paper presented at the SemeAd 2019. Sāo Paulo, BR.
  • Barbosa, A. P. F. P. L, Vilas-Boas, E., & Gatti Junior, W. (2019, November). The application of the effectuation logic to entrepreneurship training. Paper presented at the SemeAd 2019. Sāo Paulo, BR.
  • Gatti Junior, W., & Kim, B. (2019, October). Game play and game design to enhance design thinking in entrepreneurship education. Paper presented at the 2019 Connected Learning Summit. Berkeley, CA.
  • Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B., Liu, L., Lai, X. (2019, July). Green Economy: A game design approach to support systems thinking and social interactions. Paper presented at the IDEAS Conference 2019, Calgary, CA.
  • Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B., Liu, L., Lai, X. (2019, April). Players as part of an emergent social and complex system. Paper presented at the Canadian Educational Researchers Association at the AERA Annual Meeting, Toronto, CA.
  • Gatti Junior, W. (2018). Applying design cognition in a game-based learning context to develop entrepreneurial competencies. In Ciussi, M. (Eds.), Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Game-Based Learning (pp. 773–784). Sophia-Antipolis, FR: ACPI.
  • Gatti Junior, W., Kim, B, Behjat, L. (2018, May). Facing disengagement and social acceleration: a game-based learning approach to entrepreneurship education. Paper session presented at the 2018 CSSE Annual Conference, Regina, CA.